Marriage Family + Art Therapist Registered Associate #IMF94399

Under the supervision of Linda Seidman, LMFT MFC31138

A bit about myself

I studied psychology at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and received my Masters in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage + Family Therapy and Art Therapy from Phillips Graduate Institute. I have experience working with children, adolescents, and adults, and I am well versed in treating issues that include but are not limited to anxiety and depression spectrums, life transitions, stress/overwhelm/burnout, family systems and relationship issues, adjustment disorders, self-esteem and sense of self challenges, substance use/abuse and harm reduction strategies, difficulty with peers, and negative relationships within the self.

My approach to therapy is an active one. I work relationally as well as experientially, and I truly believe that therapy is not something that is done β€œto” you, but rather an active and engaging relationship that you enter into with yourself and your therapist. It is a process that requires both commitment and trust, and one that in turn will set you on the path to returning home to yourself. I understand that it can feel scary to invest so deeply without experiencing immediate changes, but creating space for that fear and uncertainty is a part of the process. I have a deep understanding of the imperfections and messiness of life. How difficult it can be to generate change, and how much courage and bravery it takes to not only show up for therapy, but more importantly, to show up for yourself to be seen, heard, and accepted exactly as you are.

I believe that the only way out of any given situation, feeling, pattern, or belief structure is through it, and as your empathetic and non-judgmental guide, I will support you in moving through the ebbs and flows of your inner rhythms until you are able to navigate them on your own.