Women’s Moon circles

As women we know what it is like to go through ebbs and flows within ourselves each and every month. There are moments of activity and optimism as well as moments of passivity and pessimism, and everything in between. There is a need now, more than ever, to gather together as women and create sacred space for one another to be witnessed exactly as we are. To be seen, heard, understood, and acknowledged. The moon cycles give us a unique opportunity to do just that. Each new and full moon we gather together to slow down, pause, and check in with ourselves. We take the time to reconnect with our bodies and our breath, we choose moon cards, and we gain clarity about our intentions and where we are placing our energy. Most importantly we share. We put words to our deepest experiences, and hold space for each other to simply BE.

What to expect

  • insights about the moon cycles

  • guided meditation

  • intention setting

  • reflective journaling

  • choosing moon cards

  • healthy snacks

  • permission to pause and check in with yourself