Art Therapy

What is it?

Art therapy (AT) combines traditional talk therapy with the art making process. We all have unique ways of navigating our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and experiences. Some of these ways may be verbal and some may be non-verbal. They are all valuable. Art therapy is a process that allows you to get in touch with your non-verbal ways of knowing and moving through the world around you through the expressive arts.

why is it helpful?

Through the process of externalization, we are able to take seemingly abstract concepts and interact with them in tangible and concrete ways. We are also able to change, adjust, and manipulate the art so that it supports and mirrors the changes you are working on generating in therapy.

The art making process creates space for you to relate to yourself in a new way, and also provides you with an opportunity to change and adjust your inner patterns in meaningful ways.


Who is it for?

Art Therapy is for everyone. Contrary to popular belief, you need absolutely no previous experience with creating art in order to benefit from the process. Art therapy is all about just that, the process.

How is it different than talk therapy?

Art therapy differs from traditional talk therapy in a variety of ways. The art making process allows you to bring your unconscious material to the surface, and allows us to work experientially with these themes. The process itself is an effective tool for cultivating mindfulness, releasing stress, and integrating the right and left hemispheres of the brain.