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I'm so happy you found me. 





Join me on a journey to discover what it means to be a whole human.

I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a therapist. I always loved the process of getting to know someone. There was something in that discovery process that I found magical and healing, and ultimately, that is why I became a psychotherapist.


No one taught me how to do this thing called life or how to deal with its challenges. Through my in-depth studies and practical work with clients over the years, I have learned that there is no "right" way to live.  However, I do believe that we are all deeply worthy of living a fulfilling and purposeful life.


My goal is to create a space for you to work through life's challenges while accepting and embracing you in all your humanness.


As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I specialize in Art Therapy, a form of therapy that integrates traditional talk therapy with the creative process. This approach provides the space to explore and express internal feelings, beliefs, and somatic sensations in a non-verbal and non-threatening way. 

I believe that the only way “out” of any given situation, feeling, pattern, or belief structure is through it, and as your empathetic and non-judgmental guide, I will support you in moving through the ebbs and flows of your inner rhythms until you are able to navigate them on your own.

I'm not here to fix you, I'm here to empower you.

my role


CREATE a safe space for you to feel your feelings. 


REMIND you that you are enough and worthy, just as you are.  


SHINE a light on your darkest places.


SUPPORT you to reprogram pathways and create new patterns.


TEACH you the tools and practices to develop your own self-agency and emotional resiliency.

I'm here to guide you back home to yourself so that you can reclaim a life of freedom, joy, and love.

Together we can embrace what it means to be a whole human.

my specialties

anxiety, depression, grief, low self-worth, relationship issues, life transitions, imposter syndrome, codependency

my approach 

My approach to therapy is both relational and experiential.

I use an integrative approach that combines mindfulness-based approaches, art therapy interventions, cognitive behavioral therapy, and narrative interventions to support you in empowering yourself to create the changes you wish to see in your life.

My perspective is an active one. I truly believe that therapy is not something that is done “to” you, but rather an active and engaging relationship that you enter into with yourself and your therapist.  It is a process that requires both commitment and trust, and one that in turn will set you on the path to returning home to yourself. 


You are seen.  You are heard.  You are welcome here.

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