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lynell weiss


marriage + family + art therapist

I'm here to support you 

in your healing journey 

to wholeness.



I'm not the expert in your

life, you are.

I’m not the expert in your life, you are. I believe you have within you what you need, I’m just here to empower you to access what already lives inside. 

I get it, most of us are taught from a young age that some parts of ourselves are “acceptable”, while others are not. These lessons shape who we are and many of us walk around feeling half-way whole -- disconnected and discontent.  I recognize that life is not always easy nor does it always go according to our plan, and that coping with life’s inevitable ups and downs may not always seem manageable. You are not broken. You do not need fixing.  Shame, fear, anxiety, sadness, are all natural reactions to life.  It’s not that they are wrong, it’s just that we haven’t been taught how to deal with them.


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my mission

I'm here to change the WAY we feel,

not HOW we feel.

I believe that the intention behind our feelings is to provide us with information, therefore our emotionality is a resource, not a burden. Vulnerability is one of our greatest strengths as human beings and if we can support ourselves in cultivating emotional resiliency, we can create lives full of meaning, intimacy, connection, intention, and harmony.

This is what it means to be a whole human.

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art therapy

Giving life to therapy.

I believe that creative expression has the power to foster healing and well-being. 

When we create art, we can access valuable pieces of our psyche that may be hidden, buried, or difficult to express.  Art gives meaning and life to our emotions and feelings and helps us to develop the self-awareness to understand patterns and then transform them.

It is through this self-awareness that we can develop and learn mindfulness-based practices to strengthen our emotional resiliency and free ourselves.

I see your pain, and it’s big. But I see your

courage, and it’s bigger."

- glennon doyle

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I'm here for you.

Musings on how to do this thing called being human.




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